Single Training


In a single training I pay all attention to you and your dog. We practice in your environment - where you walk your dog or in your home.

A single training is then the right choice, if

  • You want to stay flexible in time
  • You would like to work in your environment
  • Your dog cannot work in a group
  • You do not want to work in a group
  • a training in your environment is required (for example if your dog has certain behavioral problems) 

Before participating in joint lessons, at least one individual training / initial consultation is mandatory for new customers.


An individual lesson costs 50 Euros incl. VAT, billed in quarter-hourly rates. Travel costs ma be added.

Joint lessons


Joint lessons take place in small groups with a maximum of 4 human dog teams.

Joint lessons are always topic-related, e.g. on the following topics:

  • Come back - recall training
  • Walking on loose leash
  • Reactive dogs class
  • Medical Training
  • Easy Going - how to calm down your dog
  • Target Training
  • Everyday obedience
  • How to reward your dog properly

I would like to get to know each human dog team before participating in group training. That's why at least one individual lesson is required for new customers.

Kontakt / Contact

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