Conditions of the dog school Beau Chien, Owner: Verena Beau


Registration for one of the courses or a one-to-one training is equivalent to a binding offer to conclude a contract on the part of the customer. The application is not bound to a specific form. By registering, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of the dog school Beau Chien. The contract is concluded with the acceptance by the dog school Beau Chien.


The respective fee is payable in cash at the beginning or at the end of each lesson. Course fees or fees for packages are payable in cash at the beginning of the course or in the first hour of the package or can be remitted in advance. A transfer to third parties is only possible with the consent of the dog school Beau Chien.

The participant assures that his dog has valid vaccination protection. Furthermore, the customer assures that he has a dog liability insurance. Upon request, the customer must show vaccination certificate and policy of liability insurance. The participant assures that the participating dog as well as the passive dogs do not suffer from communicable diseases or parasite infestation.


A guarantee of success on the part of the dog school Beau Chien can not be granted.

Each participant is responsible for himself and his dog. Participation is at your own risk. The customer assumes sole liability for his dog, even if he acts on instructions. The participant is fully responsible and liable for all injury and damage caused by his / her dog(s).


The dog school Beau Chien reserves the right to exclude participants from a course that work contrary to animal welfare rules or are reckless.

The liability of the trainer, including third parties, for damage to property, persons or dogs or financial loss in the context of the application and execution of the shown and arranged exercises is excluded. This also applies to accompanying persons, who are to be informed by the participant about this disclaimer. 


The trainer has the right to cancel or postpone the respective lesson. In this case, lessons will be rescheduled to a different date.


Individual training can be canceled by the customer up to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the full fee for this unit is payable. A non-participation in a booked group training can not be refunded, the hour can not be made up. Delays of the customer do not entitle to the reduction of the remuneration.

Documents handed out are subject to copyright. They may not be reproduced, passed on in any way or made available to third parties in any way, not even in excerpts.


Place of jurisdiction is Wiesbaden under German law.