How I work

Positive reinforcement

I work with the principle of positive reinforcement. This means: The focus of the training is always on the construction, development and maintenance of the desired behavior - the goal is to always to manage situations in such a way that unwanted behavior does not occur and that the dog can learn the desired / alternative behavior well.


This way of training improves the human-dog relationship enormously and creates trust and respect.


Step by step

Whether changing behavior or building up new behaviors (one often involves the other) - we always approach the goal in small steps. This way we avoid that your dog is overstimulated.

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Successful training involves learning how to read the body language of your dog. Only this way can you better assess your dog and react adequately and with foresight. As a result, you will get to know your dog better and develop an understanding of his behavior and how you can change it in a positive way.

Entspannungstraining Hund
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Relaxation and regulation of arousal level


Another component of the training is relaxation. This does not mean that you can not play "fun" games with your dog. However, many behaviors can be greatly improved if dog and owner know relaxation signals and if so the excitement can be influenced.

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